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Nuz Shugaa creates a perfect prescription individually tailored to your skin, so you can maintain its youthfulness long after your treatment. Skin continually changes and as it does the prescription is designed to work with your skin to ensure it remains firm and healthy.

A prescription is made up of bespoke creams, balms, tonics and serums, as well as dietary supplements as Nuz takes a holistic approach to healthy skin. Nuz’s prescriptions use natural and organic products that are paraben-free and she can cater for Vegans. Where appropriate, she also blends French and Swiss formulas that are scientifically proven to have desirable results.


Skin Problems



Skin Consultation and Mapping

Your skin is important and no-one understands its needs better than Nuz Shugaa. She will examine you and recommend the best course of action, perform the perfect bespoke facial or body treatment with impressive results from the very first session, and make the ideal skin prescription package and regime for you to remedy your skin problems.

Consultation by Email

For clients unable to meet in person, Nuz offers a remote consultation. This service requires photographs and any pertinent information such as any particular concerns, skin history, and products used.

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Skin Concerns

• eczema
• dermatitis
• acne
• back acne
• rosacea
• pimples
• breakouts
• hormonal skin conditions
• dry skin
• wrinkles
• pigmentation
• sun damage
• congested skin
• dull skin
• unbalanced skin

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